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Why do we fundraise? 

Don't my property taxes cover everything? This is the #1 question we get asked! 


Unfortunately, the answer is NO. Property and Sales taxes cover only the basic education expenses, facilities and teacher salaries. In 1992 The TABOR Law was passed and vastly restricted how school districts can fund their schools. The school districts have found creative ways to try and get extra funds back to our schools but it isn't enough. 


As parents, we want more for our children than DPS cannot cover, which is why we fundraise.  We are covering the spread of what DPS will cover and what we as a school want for our children's education. 


Tricia Houston 


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Direct Giving

Did you know that Colorado is ranked the 11th wealthiest state in the U.S., BUT we are 42nd in per-pupil spending, which is $2,300 below the national average per pupil?!


Direct Give is money contributed by the parents that goes directly to the school to fund our school goals throughout the year. 

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Corporate Matching

Many employers will match their employees' donations to a non-profit. Ask yours if that's an option and double your giving impact to Izzi B!

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Dollars for Dragons

Support Izzi B while you shop!


Opportunities include using Amazon Smile or a reloadable King Soopers card, or participating in our Dine & Donate events.



Direct Giving
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