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Did you know that Colorado is ranked the 11th wealthiest state in the U.S., BUT we are 42nd in per-pupil spending, which is $2,300 below the national average per pupil?!  DPS funds cover teacher salaries, facilities, and basic supplies. The TABOR Law of 1992 vastly restricts the amount of funding school districts receive and because of this…we MUST fundraise. 

What exactly is Direct Give? 
It’s all in the name… Direct Give is money contributed by the parents that goes directly to the school to fund our school goals throughout the year. IBCS does not ask our parents to sell anything throughout the year or host the dreaded bake sales, instead we inform our parents on the amount of money we need per student and ask them to pay that amount so we can fund all of the additional programs we want for our children’s education. Your contributions cover items such as more computers and technology, Professional Development for our staff, and curriculum. 


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