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IBCS Council Board understands that the key to any great school is how effective the communication is. We have taken great strides in streamlining our communication platforms down to 3 main ways:


1. As of 2018, we are implementing a system called School Deets. This main stream communication platform will allow all teachers, parents, and leadership to send messages and information to you immediately so that all parents are in the loop. We ask that you download this app to your phone so that all IBCS staff can make sure you have all the necessary information you need. 

2.  IBCS Facebook Page - we ask you to follow so you can receive all announcements in real time. 


3.  Lastly, we have our Council website which will have more detail for our parents if they need more information on committees, budgets, and events. 

We ask that you use all 3 of these platforms so that you are always up to date with information from the school and your teacher. 

Please let us know if you need more information, as we are always here to help. 


April Slater 

Communication Chair 

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