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Our mission at Isabella Bird Community School (IBCS) is to provide our diverse learners with a compassionate, intellectually stimulating, vigorous learning experience that ensures their wellbeing, engagement, academic and personal success, and contribution as global citizens.


Our vision is to provide a relationship‐based school that offers an exceptional and holistic educational experience for all students, (ECE‐5th), from the Stapleton neighborhood and surrounding communities, helping to lay a strong foundation for and commitment to higher education and to professional and personal accomplishment. Our students will be academically prepared, socially and environmentally responsible, culturally sensitive, and personally fulfilled life‐long learners. In serving the whole child, the whole family must and will be included at IBCS.


To achieve our mission and vision, we focus on five key guiding principles for our goal for the community—Academic and Personal Excellence:


  1. Compassion and Relationships;

  2. Collaboration and Shared Leadership;

  3. Meaningful and Inclusive Curricula;

  4. Service Learning and Global Citizenship; and

  5. Health and Wellness.​

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In addition to providing a neighborhood school for the children of Stapleton, a Newcomers Center opened at IBCS in the fall of 2015, providing much-needed services and seats for Denver’s burgeoning immigrant population while simultaneously providing regular opportunities to support and deepen all of our students’ intercultural and global understanding.


IBCS endeavors to provide a distinctive and exceptional schooling option for all students and families. We are seeking innovation status for our school in response to interest expressed by our parent community and to allow us the flexibility in hiring, scheduling, and curriculum that we need to meet the diverse needs of our students and to advance the school’s mission and vision.

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