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Our Mission & Vision

Mission: To provide an educational experience that is equitable, intellectually stimulating, and inspires curiosity to ensure our students will be academically prepared, socially and environmentally responsible, culturally responsive, and personally fulfilled life-long learners. 

Vision: IBCS will be a foundational cornerstone in each student’s life, enabling and encouraging them to have a positive influence in the world.

How Can I Help?

1. Attend our Monthly Council Meeting & vote on items that affect the school 
2. Join a committee - all of our committees need help 

3. Volunteer in your child's classroom

Fundraising Goal
Spending Priorities

Evergreen Bucket           $85,000

  • Technology Allocation

  • Curriculum/Instruction/Assessment (CIA)

  • Professional Development

  • Programming/Enrichments

  • Community Care

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Council Administration 

Evergreen Priorities

Technology:  Funds set aside for a required all-school update and upgrade of iPads and Chromebooks, plus supporting equipment and software, every three years.

CIA:  Investment in educational software, progress monitoring tools, curriculum materials and like support resources to meet educational priorities.

Professional Development:  Training, certifications, conferences, workshops, guest speakers and similar to support the ongoing development of capabilities and knowledge among our teachers and staff.

Programming/Enrichments:  Funds to deliver programming such as our fall and spring Exploratories, Arts Week, student and all-school wellness, and the school garden.

Community Care:  Funds used to support community building such as teacher and staff appreciations, morale, and spirit building, initiatives, food for meetings, recognition, birthdays, celebrations of culture, holiday gatherings, and school-wide events (non-fundraising).

Diversity & Inclusion:  Funds to support expenses related to the Family Community Resource Center, inclusion and diversity programming, translation services and transportation.

Administration:  Funds to cover the administrative costs associated with the IBCS Council, such as web hosting, graphic design, insurance, web, and app platform subscriptions, childcare for meetings and events, postage, etc.

Voted by IBCS Council   $40,000

  • Paraprofessional Support

  • IBCS Book Room/Literacy Resources

  • Grant Writing Support 

  • Outdoor Improvement

Voted by IBCS Council

  • Paraprofessional Support:  Funding for one Paraprofessional staff member to support the educational goals at IBCS in the ’19-’20 academic year.

  • IBCS Book Room:  Funding to complete a robust reading and resources library for all grade levels and support individual classrooms to build a library appropriate for class level and teacher needs.

  • Grant Writing Support:  Funding to engage a professional grant writer to assist IBCS in securing key funding available through grants to contribute to our annual fundraising goals and to make possible key initiatives for the school.

  • Outdoor Improvement:  Funding to improve and enhance the outdoor space around the school, with ’19-’20 school year priority given to the purchase of durable picnic tables and possible additional shade between the cafeteria and the playground.

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NEW:  Spirit Wear Now Available!

Your IBCS Council is proud to offer a new slate of Izzi B Spirit Wear - including face masks! Show your Dragon pride!

Classroom Volunteers:

Each classroom needs 1 parent per day to help for 1 hour. Please remember you MUST have a background check before volunteering 

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